Thursday, February 5, 2009

Once upon a time

Wow -- Looking back at my last post - it is ssooo long ago . I was away for 2 1/2 months arriving back the week before Christmas. I spent just over 2 months in Australia, 5 days in Melbourne, then 10 days in Wentworth Falls with my lovely sister Dianne and then 6 weeks in Laguna, Hunter Valley with another lovely sister Julie( I have so much to write and show from my holiday that I will leave for another post)
While I was away I had another grandson born on the 26th November --

Brian, Wendy with Sean

Wendy and Sean

Brian and Sean

After returning from Australia,I brought my grandson Mackye back from Auckland to stay with me and after 2 days, he developed Chicken pox - so needless to say that week was spent running around and looking after him.
Here is is February already and I have hardly any time to myself let alone go and see my new grandson Sean. I am really hanging out to meet my new grandson.
My sister came to stay for 10 days at the beginning of January and then I went up to Auckland the last week of January for Mackye's 5th Birthday-- for his birthday Mackye got a new Black kitten that he named "Slinky Malinky"-- and once again I brought him back from Auckland and have had him staying here for a week with me.

Mackye at the Thames Swimming pool

He went home on Monday and started school on Thursday 5th February-- He was ssooo excited -- Here is Mackye all ready for his first day at school
Mackye and his Mum

Here is a little article about his first day at school

PS, to this story--Slinky Malinky also went AWOL for the day and night on the Thursday but after searching the neighbourhood and knocking on doors, the kitten was found and is now back home with Mackye -- needless to say they are both staying put for a few days at home !!


ScaryCheri said...

oh Carol what a sweetie your grandson is. First days of school are so fun. I was blessed to be around for most of my grandkids first day and the excitement is contagious. Congrats on your new grandchild too. I just had a new one in Jan. My 8th. I got to take off work to come be with the sister and 2 brothers while Mommy was in having the baby. We had so much fun. It was hard going back to work but they live next door so I get to see them on days off. Love the post of the trades too. Those are beautiful cards. Hugz, Scary

B.Valianti/myth maker said...

Mackye is a beautiful boy. I hope the kitty found its way back home!